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18 . Apr . 2022

Since the Scout rockets in the 1960´s passing through the iconic Space Shuttle to today’s Falcon, Delta or Ariane and Vega programs, we’ve consistently supplied quality grade products to the Aerospace industry

25 . Jul . 2017
Since the Scout rockets in the 1960´s passing through the iconic Space Shuttle to today’s Falcon, Delta or Ariane and Vega programs, we’ve c…

Our Aerospace grade materials constituents and structure make them ideal thermal protection materials with excellent ablation and insulating properties, maintaining a low weight to low thermal conductivity performance, creating a sturdy char layer that protects the inner material, maintaining its integrity and slowing…

25 . Jul . 2017
How long has cork been incorporated into aerospace projects?

The start of cork being integrated into aerospace projects is associated with the North American space program, with the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon, in the late 1960s. One of the most recent projects is the VEGA rocket, by the European Space Agency.

31 . Oct . 2017
"NASA will continue to rely on your aerospace thermal protection materials".

Donald Thomas spoke with Amorim Cork Composites about the benefits of cork for the aerospace industry, his experience and contribution to space achievements and how he sees space exploration over the next decade. A fascinating interview to read, learn and dream.

10 . Jul . 2018
Blog 25 . Jul . 2017

02 . Jun . 2023
Cork solutions: A sustainable way to increase the performance of T&D applications

Cork solutions contribute to a more sustainable future and have been used for several years in industries such as aerospace, automotive or power industry..

Blog 02 . Aug . 2017

Blog 25 . Jul . 2017
Ablative thermal solution P50 in next-generation launch rockets

Amorim Cork Composites is going to hit aerospace again, this time with United Launch Alliance (ULA) and Ruag Space.

17 . Nov . 2022
18 . Apr . 2018
13 . Apr . 2023
The development of cork solutions for the electric mobility sector has been one of the most recent commitments of Amorim Cork Composites. Ta…

The range of solutions developed by Amorim Cork Composites focuses on sealing, housing and cell spacers applications, to prevent temperature propagation during thermal runaway episodes.

14 . Jun . 2019

The development of reusable launcher vehicles is one of the aerospace industry’s biggest trends. The space shuttle – considered for many years to be a state-of-the-art vehicle - required expensive maintenance costs. However, recent developments, primarily led by US companies, point once again in the direction of reusab…

02 . May . 2022
Cork solutions to improve performance of EV batteries

The use of cork in the field of electric mobility is one of Amorim Cork Composites' most recent ventures, taking advantage of its know-how in developing high-performance solutions for such demanding sectors as the aerospace industry. Our priority is to offer solutions that protect the key component of electric vehicles…

13 . Dec . 2017
About Amorim Cork Composites

Amorim Cork Composites is a world-renowned company with a long legacy of achievements in aerospace, transportation, construction and sustainable green products using cork. At our Innovation and R&D centre, we are always searching for new and high performance solutions.Targeted towards the LVT flooring industry’s ne…

25 . Jul . 2017
Crushable TPS

Development and functional testing of an innovative protection system that will simultaneously perform structural and thermal functions, allowing the re-entry process of space capsules to Earth to be simplified. This system will combine the capacity to absorb impact energy on landing and the capacity to support the the…

18 . Nov . 2022
Whether on land, in the air or water, cork’s properties, combined with Amorim Cork Composites' expertise, can respond to the great mobility…

Ensuring transport sustainability is an increasing concern for companies and citizens. Global awareness of this concern has led car manufacturers to progressively choose raw materials that guarantee a symbiosis between performance and sustainability. The sector’s biggest companies are now investing in more environmenta…

25 . Jul . 2017
Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus suber L.).

100 percent natural, reusable and recyclable, cork is, whether from the environmental, social or economic perspectives, one of the world’s most versatile materials. It takes each cork oak 25 years before it can be stripped for the first time and it is only from the third stripping (at 43 years of age) that the cork, th…

01 . Aug . 2017
At Amorim Cork Composites we see innovation as a strategic vector of competitiveness.

In our innovation team, our mission is to systematically develop solutions that allow us to be competitive and explore strategic areas where the characteristics of cork are highly valued by clients and consumers, adding value to the organization and its shareholders.We believe our innovation processes will be more effe…

04 . Jun . 2024
Texto 2

Cork's properties – such as low density, thermal insulation and compressibility – are combined with beech-wood's resistance to particle bombardment, creating a set of sustainable and unique solutions that stand out from conventional materials and respect the strict requirements of this industry. "The electric mobility…

09 . Aug . 2019

Let us introduce you to Go4cork, a new brand of DIY cork products created especially for people who are always thinking of the next project for renovating or decorating their house or office, but are also concerned with the environment and value responsible consumption. With Go4cork it’s so easy to make small changes o…

16 . Sep . 2019

Step 1: Go4cork products are produced mainly with unused cork from the cork stopper industry. When we think about cork, we almost automatically think about cork stoppers. However, the production of cork stoppers uses only around 30 % of this raw material. It was precisely to give new life to this industry’s unused cork…


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