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30 . Oct . 2018
Mobility Acoustic Core

The acoustic core materials can be used to create innovative and more efficient interior systems in different means of transport. Floor, side and ceiling panels are examples of applications in which cork's lightness and insulating capacity play an important role in the system's performance.Mobility Acoustic Core soluti…

Blog 14 . Jan . 2019

Core Simulation, after already identified the acoustic isolation needed and the material intended to use in the structural layers. Based on this information, MPS will simulate the best core solution for the construction of a multilayer panel.

12 . Jul . 2018
30 . Oct . 2018
30 . Oct . 2018
30 . Oct . 2018
02 . Feb . 2023
25 . Jul . 2017
Description and functionality

When Amorim Cork Composites added cork and rubber as the core material applied to sandwich wood panels (CPA - acoustic plywood) this was an innovative solution to reduce noise and vibration in interior floors for trains. The combination of viscoelastic material (such as cork) in a sandwich panel contributes greatly to…

Blog 25 . Jul . 2017
Safety, energy efficiency, natural materials, and more sustainable products.

These are the key characteristics of Osirys - an international project that aims to improve buildings’ energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Inevitably cork is one of the project’s core features, with solutions supplied by Amorim Cork Composites and Amorim Isolamentos. The result is a set of eco-innovative material…

Case Studies 25 . Jul . 2017
Case Studies

Weighing about 40% less – in comparison with similar alternative thicknesses available in the market – the ALUCORK® system will make it possible to reduce energy consumption and expenses for this type of high-speed train, thus constituting a more advantageous option in environmental and economic terms.Produced using an…

25 . Oct . 2017
Spectrum of attributes

Cork presents a wide range of benefits from the core of the bark to the outer layer. These layers are transformed into several different cork components to be part of a flooring solution with different attributes and benefits. Introducing cork in a flooring system allows to effectively reduce the total weight of the sy…


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