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07 . Apr . 2022
ACC Design Studio

Let’s Cork Together

Blog 27 . Apr . 2022
ACC Design Studio: where cork and design unite

At Amorim Cork Composites, we place our experience and knowledge of cork at the service of creativity, through the design of different items in which this material makes a difference.

04 . Apr . 2022
02 . Dec . 2022
ACC Design Studio

The ACC Design Studio, from Amorim Cork Composites, gave full technical support to the trophy - a piece of art that incorporates the street art language that marks RED’s artistic production.

23 . Sep . 2022
05 . Dec . 2022

Cork is the main protagonist of Mac Van Dam’s project, “Vertical Grounds” - presented at the 2022 Lisbon Architecture Triennale. The installation is composed of large organic structures, in which the dark colour of the expanded agglomerated cork contrasts with the green hues of the natural plants. It aims to offer an e…


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