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08 . Jan . 2019
Case Studies 30 . May . 2019
Case Studies
Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison is a renowned British product designer. Born in London, in 1959, he studied design at the Kingston Polytechnic Design School and at The Royal College of Art. He opened his first studio in England, in 1986, and today has offices in London, Paris and Tokyo. A multifaceted designer, he creates furniture, t…

15 . Jul . 2019

Protect your table with cork coasters.   Lightweight and waterproof. You can place any type of cup or mug on them. The natural colour of cork is neutral, and easily matches the rest of your table decor.

Articles 11 . Sep . 2018
Different types of assemblies and flooring

Different types of assemblies and flooring have different needs and there is no single product that is appropriate for all types of flooring. That is why the market offer a number of different products. Look for a manufacturer who can supply acoustical testing data that most closely matches the type of flooring and the…

News 24 . Apr . 2017
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The house includes cork provided by the companies, Amorim Cork Composites and Amorim Isolamentos. It uses 300 blocks of expanded cork agglomerate, a material used as the structural element of the house’s walls, together with several cork composite solutions, that cover the roof, floor and ceiling, in a total of about 2…


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