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11 . Apr . 2017
An eco-friendly final coating

Corkwall results from a mix of cork granulates and polymeric resins and is applied by projection. It is an elastic membrane that displays high level of durability and can cope with exposure to adverse climatic conditions.

17 . Nov . 2016
Final Coating with Corkwall

Corkwall is an eco-friendly final coating that can be used for different purposes, ranging from new construction, renovation of external façades to the decoration of internal walls and ceilings.

19 . Oct . 2017
ECO range

Truly natural, eco-friendly, sustainable and recyclable.Ideal for applications that require passive thermal management, weight reduction or non-extruding compression and recovery.

Case Studies 05 . Feb . 2018
Case Studies

Cork infill is an eco-friendly option, reduces the turf’s maintenance general costs and offers advantages for the users compared to other types of filler, in terms of its neutral odour, more natural appearance and touch, absence of toxicity and reduction of surface temperature by up to 30% compared to other solutions.

04 . Jul . 2017
Build a final flooring thinking about Health and Nature

Cork is a natural and sustainable raw material, answering the demands of ecofriendly solutions. The use of other recycled materials is also a contribution to this market trend and is aligned with the environmental company strategy. We believe the use of recycled materials, with adequate quality and quantity available r…

Case Studies 05 . Feb . 2018
Case Studies
Amorim Cork Composites, BASF Korea and A-Road develop an elastic cork flooring for playgrounds.

The play-and-play area at Jayang's nursery in Seoul, South Korea, was one of the first places to receive the new, safe and comfortable eco-friendly cork flooring developed by A-Road - a Korean flooring company - in partnership with BASF Korea and Amorim Cork Composites. The solution has been specially designed for publ…

Articles 21 . Jul . 2017
Reinventing and innovating

The flooring market is a highly competitive one that is oriented towards solutions and developments that contribute to low maintenance costs and that are cost effective and eco friendly without forsaking the design. If, on the one hand, cork solutions provide a positive response to such demands, on the other hand, it i…

Articles 28 . Jul . 2017
If you are currently trying to decide on which flooring to use in remodelling your home, and if your main concern is the choice of look that…

An underlay is much more than just something you place under the flooring. The underlay is part of a solid foundation that can determine the floor’s performance in terms of acoustic properties and comfort, while also adding to its lifespan. Even though it is not visible, it can still be felt and perceived thanks to the…


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