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09 . Mar . 2018
13 . Mar . 2018
Mobility 28 . Aug . 2018

Mobility 09 . Mar . 2018

News 13 . Mar . 2020
Home Stories

Home Stories: 100 Years, 20 Visionary Interiors, which opened its doors on March , explores current interior design trends, while revisiting pioneering spaces. This journey across time highlights the social, political, cultural, urban and technical changes that have shaped Western interior design over the past 100 year…

27 . Sep . 2016
Natural and lightweight materials

Natural and lightweight materials are simple solutions focused on the lightness that cork can provide to the end product. They seek to respond to the need to reduce the weight of cars and other means of transport, thus contributing to reducing the resources and energy needed to design and use them. These are material…

Articles 18 . Nov . 2022
Mazda and Mini choose cork

With its attractive look and warm and soft touch, cork has been chosen to create components for the interior of vehicles that stand out in terms of comfort and the natural beauty of the raw material. Through moulding, extrusion and injection processes, cork can assume the most diverse forms and is being used to create…

News 30 . Jan . 2017
Tell us a bit about the inspiration and history behind the choice of the names for the tiles (Porto and Lisbon)?

The Porto tiles are actually inspired by industrial surfaces and architecture found in the city of Porto, ranging from factory ceilings and corrugated steel roofs to folding doors and rusty shutters. The patterns and surfaces come across as familiar, creating the perfect neutral backdrop for both small and large spaces…

Articles 11 . Sep . 2019
text 2

Small cork pieces for a home that reflects your style If a cork wall covering does not fit your project or if you prefer something less permanent and more discreet, you can choose to incorporate small cork details when decorating your home. Given how easy it is to handle and cut, rolled cork is perfect, for example, to…

Case Studies 04 . Oct . 2016
Case Studies
products: metamorphosis

The METAMORPHOSIS project brings together ten professionals from the fields of world design and architecture. Three of those invited are even winners of the Pritzker Prize: Álvaro Siza (Portugal), Eduardo Souto de Moura (Portugal) and Herzog & de Meuron (Switzerland). Also challenged to present different approaches…

News 15 . Sep . 2017
From your perspective and experience, what will be the key needs of the aerospace industry over the coming decade?

One of the biggest developments in the next decade will be NASA’s new Space Launch System rockets which will open the door for astronauts to leave Earth’s orbit and travel to deep space destinations such as Mars. Once this series of rockets has been developed and tested, the doors will be open for many different destin…


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