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Leading innovation with cork

We strive daily to reinvent the world: we recycle, reuse and reinvent entirely natural and organic materials. With cork we do invent a new world.

Materials & Applications


Unique features make it the preferred material used across multiple applications in automotive sealing.


Cork on mission to Mars

Project cTPS – Crushable TPS - and Innovative Earth re-entry capsule forms part of the European Space Agency’s Mars exploration programme.

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"I think that cork is extraordinary!"

In this interview, the architect João Luís Carrilho da Graça talks about his emblematic work - the Lisbon Cruise Terminal - which uses an innovative solution that endows it with greater structural lightness: concrete mixed with cork.

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Tate Modern embraces cork

Visitors to the "Hyundai Commission: SUPERFLEX: One Two Three Swing!" are now able to walk along a colossal cork installation.

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Where We Are


Headquarters Rua de Meladas,
260, 4535-186 Mozelos VFR Portugal

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