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Blog 12 . Dec . 2017
Birth – that’s the name of your latest project, which recounts your experience during the cork harvest in Portugal. Why did you come up with…

Cédric: The idea for BIRTH actually came about when we experienced the cork harvest. We wanted to show the invisible side to cork culture. Most people who want to work with us don't really know where cork comes from, or how it's made. We wanted to pay tribute to the farmers and the artisanal nature of the harvest. So w…

09 . Apr . 2021
In love with nature

Amorim Cork Composites and Matceramica are leading companies in Portugal and abroad in their respective fields. They have joined forces to create a project that will distinguish and differentiate them and enable them to generate value together. This sharing of knowledge and experience has not only delivered a new produ…


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