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Why work with cork?

Let’s Cork Together

One of Nature's most extraordinary materials

100 percent natural, reusable and recyclable, cork is, whether from the environmental, social or economic perspectives, one of the world’s most versatile materials.

It takes each cork oak 25 years before it can be stripped for the first time and it is only from the third stripping (at 43 years of age) that the cork, then known as «amadia», has the high standard of quality required for producing cork stoppers. The first two harvests – the «virgin» cork and «secundeira» cork –, as well as that removed from the base of the tree, becomes the raw material for Home, Office & Leisure sectors.

Why work with cork?

Sustainable by nature

As a leader of the cork industry, sustainability, technology and innovation are intrinsic pillars of our culture and strategy. We focus on R&D that result in products and solutions with unparalleled advantages, including reducing the carbon footprint of the end product, saving energy or water, cleaning the environment, improving indoor air quality and promoting well-being and comfort.



Home, Office & Leisure

Let’s Cork Together ​

Bringing cork and sustainability to your ideas
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