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Case Studies 06 . Feb . 2019
Case Studies
About Claus Porto

Claus Porto is the luxury brand owned by Ach. Brito, the oldest soap factory in Portugal. Currently, its products, all of which are made in Portugal, are sold in about 60 countries, including in some of the world’s most luxurious department stores, such as Liberty London, in the United Kingdom, Le Bon Marché, in Paris…

News 19 . May . 2017
"Our meeting in Porto was a big success".

In this interview Matthias Windmöller, President of the MMFA, talks about the success of the MMFA General Assembly 2017 in Porto and share his vision about trends in this industry, as well as the MMFA's achievements and future plans.

News 19 . May . 2017
"The recent MMFA event in Porto, Portugal was the best industry conference that I have attended in my 35 years in the flooring industry."

Harlan Stone, president of the US-MFAssociation, was in Porto for this years' MMFA General Assembly, where he presented his perspective of the USA flooring market. We took the opportunity to interview him and talk about the flooring industry in general, about cork as a trendy and sustainable material for this industry…

News 30 . Jan . 2017
Tell us a bit about the inspiration and history behind the choice of the names for the tiles (Porto and Lisbon)?

The Porto tiles are actually inspired by industrial surfaces and architecture found in the city of Porto, ranging from factory ceilings and corrugated steel roofs to folding doors and rusty shutters. The patterns and surfaces come across as familiar, creating the perfect neutral backdrop for both small and large spaces…

News 18 . Dec . 2020

Why Cork 27 . Sep . 2016
Why Cork
Is cork good for your health?

Yes. Research carried out by University of Porto reveal that cork has antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties. The University of Bordeaux II also discovered that cork stoppers pass those health-giving properties to the wine. Furthermore, when it is applied to flooring and footwear, cork contributes to improve post…

Case Studies 03 . Oct . 2016
Case Studies

To answer Spinneybeck criterias and demandings of its new collection, Amorim Cork Composites developed materials, processes and tools to produce the cork tiles designed by Lars Beller Fjetland.  Lisboa and Porto tiles are acoustically absorptive composite cork wall tiles composed of 1’-4” square modules that install ea…

News 25 . Oct . 2016
The initiative got the company and researchers to work side by side, making clear both parties’ willingness to collaborate in projects that…

Amorim Cork Composites (ACC) is giving increasing importance to its proximity to higher education institutions. Proof of this is the company’s total openness to the invitations sent by universities around the world that promote the exchange of knowledge and the search for new solutions involving cork. In this area, Amo…


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