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Facts and Curiosities 12 . Oct . 2016
Facts and Curiosities
Why are cork oak forests natural fire retardants?

Thanks to the thermal and weak combustion properties of cork, cork oaks are more fire-resistant than other trees. The slow combustion of cork makes it a natural fire retardant, forming a barrier against fires. Its combustion does not release smoke or toxic gases.

Why Cork 27 . Sep . 2016
Why Cork
Excellent Resistance to Fire and High Temperatures

Cork is also a natural fire retardant: it burns without a flame and does not emit toxic gases during combustion.

Facts and Curiosities 12 . Oct . 2016
Facts and Curiosities
What is cork?

Cork is the bark of the Cork Oak tree (Quercus suber L). It is a completely natural raw material, with unique properties which give it an unrivalled character. It is light, impermeable to liquids and gases, elastic and compressible, provides thermal and acoustic insulation, it is a fire retardant and highly abrasion-re…

Blog 06 . Jun . 2017
Safety, energy efficiency, natural materials and more sustainable products.

These are the key characteristics of Osirys - an international project that aims to improve buildings’ energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Inevitably cork is one of the project’s core features, with solutions supplied by Amorim Cork Composites and Amorim Isolamentos. The result is a set of eco-innovative material…

Blog 30 . Jan . 2017
If you had to highlight two major advantages of cork, which ones would you choose?

One of the things that I find really fascinating about cork is that, in many ways, it acts like a very dense memory foam. It always bounces back to its original form after being subject to mechanical pressure. This unique trait is a result of its iconic hexagonal cellular structure that also gives the material the abil…


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