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31 . May . 2019
ACC na Web Social 25 . Oct . 2016
ACC na Web Social
Use common sense

If you're about to publish something on social media that makes you uncomfortable, check this policy: You can also ask for advice to your supervisor or the Communication team at Amorim Cork Composites. Use of social media to create a positive impact on the business, and engage in communities with a helpful attitude.

25 . Jul . 2017
Privacy Policy

Amorim Cork Composites, S.A. Commitment The protection of privacy and personal data is a fundamental commitment of Amorim Cork Composites, S.A. to the customers ("Customers") of its products and services. Amorim Cork Composites, S.A. (Corticeira Amorim), S.A. advises you to read this Privacy Policy and its updates.  …

24 . May . 2018
Privacy Date

1- Amorim Cork Composites (Corticeira Amorim) undertaking Amorim Cork Composites (Corticeira Amorim) makes a fundamental commitment to its Stakeholders to uphold their privacy and protect their personal data. Amorim Cork Composites (Corticeira Amorim) encourages you to read this Privacy Policy and its respective update…


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