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09 . Oct . 2018

Nature inside innovative and glamorous shoes.

09 . Oct . 2018
Elastic Gore

An elastic fabric panel inserted into shoes to provide stretch.

09 . Oct . 2018
28 . Nov . 2018
09 . Oct . 2018
09 . Oct . 2018
25 . Jul . 2017
Whether it is a cork stopper, a pair of designer shoes, a piece of furniture, even the tiniest bit of cork in your house is a reminder of th…

Cork oak forests occupy an estimated area of over 5.4 million acres in the West Mediterranean basin.Like the Mediterranean diet, sunshine and great wine, cork oak forests are an icon of the Mediterranean way of life. Around 90% of the area of distribution of the species is found in Portugal, Spain, Morocco, and Algeria…

08 . Jan . 2019
News 26 . Sep . 2019
Why Cork?

“The idea is to produce cork-based shoes because we believe in the properties of cork such as its lightweight and sustainability, but we also really appreciate that the material comes from Europe and not from somewhere else requiring long-distance transportation. Cork is also a nice material to work with; it's easy to…

News 26 . Oct . 2017

After WWII agglomerated and rubber cork have been a constant feature of orthopedic applications (orthoses), integrated within specially made shoes, or simply as materials for CnC customized parts or even as a correction material when making adjustments to customized items for patients.

Case Studies 08 . Jan . 2020
Case Studies
Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison is a renowned British product designer. Born in London, in 1959, he studied design at the Kingston Polytechnic Design School and at The Royal College of Art. He opened his first studio in England, in 1986, and today has offices in London, Paris and Tokyo. A multifaceted designer, he creates furniture, t…

13 . Nov . 2019
Noise and health 2

In housing and workspaces, two major types of noise generally affect us: aerial and percussion or impact noise. Aerial noise spreads through the air, like a conversation or music in a neighboring apartment or room, as well as the sound of traffic or airplanes. On the other hand, percussion or impact noise is produced b…


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