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25 . Jul . 2017
Inspiro, the state-of-the-art Siemens metro

Inspiro, the surface metro by Siemens, launched in Poland in 2012, was designed to be the most modern, efficient, and sustainable in its class. It is one of the lightest metros in the world as a result of the installation of the innovative AluCORK cork flooring by Amorim Cork Composites, which contributes to weight sav…

09 . Aug . 2019
Versatility with sustainability in mind

Cork's visual and sensorial appearance, it's reliability, durability, sense of comfort and safety and ecological features will inspire you to shape a whole new sustainable world. No other energy-efficient material performs so well and with such quality. And not only it is eco-friendly, but also it is good for your heal…

30 . May . 2019
Dialogue between nature and technology

A horticultural laboratory was created on the ground floor to explore innovative techniques for growing vegetables and herbs in urban settings. The technologies used include vertical cultivation, using aeroponics, and other forms of hydroponic cultivation (without soil), as well as LED lighting to accelerate plant grow…

Blog 12 . Dec . 2017
What's next? What projects do you have in mind?

Cédric: Our next collection is called MOTHER. To step back to what Mother Earth offers us. A series of abstract shapes, based on the circle, symbolizing the infinite cycle of "cradle to cradle". We share shapes, inspire moods ... and the end users determine the final destination.  Klas: To work hard on how to implement…

04 . Jun . 2021

In contrast to the noisy and polluted streets around Somerset House, Forest for Change will be an oasis of calm. Developed by landscape designer, Philip Jaffa of Scape, the pavilion will incorporate 400 trees in total. When the courtyard of the London palace was built in the 18th century, the project prohibited the inc…


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