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25 . Jul . 2017
29 . Jan . 2024
2024 Events

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Case Studies 25 . Jul . 2017
Case Studies
The Serpentine galleries, in the heart of London, challenge renowned architectural firms every year to design and build temporary pavilions…

The raw material chosen for the 12th edition was cork. (Over 80 m3 [about 2,825 ft3] of this material was supplied by Amorim Cork Composites). The authorship of the work – which chose cork to cover the entire underground space - was by the Herzog & de Meuron architectural office and the artist Ai Weiwei. The beginn…

17 . Apr . 2018
An endless movement

The new product line - consisting of a coffee table and lamp - is inspired by the wing of a Boeing 737-800 jet, and aims to convey a sense of continuous movement.   Presentation of these two works in one of the world’s most important design events, marks the beginning of a partnership between the studio Original Practi…

Blog 25 . Jul . 2017

Nitrocork is a family of different products created for manipulation of liquid nitrogen in the gastronomy and food area. These products can be used for cooking or serving food at the table. This range consists of containers developed both for cooking using cold plates or direct immersion in nitrogen, as well as the pla…

10 . Jul . 2018

In its fourth edition, between May and June 2018, Experimenta Portugal offered an extensive calendar of events, encompassing a wide array of different artistic, musical and cultural creations and expressions, in different spaces and iconic cultural venues in the city of São Paulo, illustrating the current unique moment…

14 . Nov . 2018
Experimenta Portugal

The Experimenta Portugal project is an annual initiative of the Consulate General of Portugal in Sao Paulo, dedicated to Luso-Brazilian art and culture. In 2018, during its fourth edition, it offered an extensive calendar of events throughout the months of May and June. During Experimenta Portugal, the pieces from the…

25 . Oct . 2017
The goal

Amorim Cork Composites aims to implement its global strategy locally. To this effect, we attend specific events and/or conferences, such as the Middle East Acoustic Society meetings, based on our material development capacities. We are also developing partnerships, based on uniqueness and trust, that will allow us to c…

13 . Apr . 2021
What methodologies did you use and why?

In the study developed by EY on the value of the ecosystem services of the cork oak forest, the assessment of ecosystem services was based on use of methodologies for mapping and quantifying services using geographic information systems, cartography and forest inventories, provided by four case studies. In this asses…


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