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Cork textile for a wide range of uses

The Corkfabrics product takes up a position of importance by presenting itself as a real alternative to traditional fabric.

Hence, it fills a market niche and is a viable solution for several applications. Like leather or suede, it provides a sophisticated look and luxurious touch and is a more practical option since there are no major product maintenance concerns. Cork is easy to clean (just wipe with a damp cloth) and it is highly resistant to water and stains.

Selection of the final product

Based on this structure you can customize your product, choosing the cork type, backing substrate, finishing and the self-adhesive

The ultimate innovation in cork transformation

Natural Textile fibers Technology
The fusion of polymeric layer over agglomerated cork.

Adaptable and Flexible
Provides the sophisticated look and luxurious feel of soft leather or nubuck suede with the unique features of cork.

Use of lamination/gluing technology
Enables it to be applied to highly flexible and durable materials, thus enhancing the properties of natural cork in terms of impermeability and tensile strength.

Key Features


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Product Range


 CBR  VBR  NTR  6705 P
 CBL  VBL  NTB  6706 P
 CBG  VBG  NTG  9098 P
CBB     8235 P
      8232 P

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