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Stork Projects

Technology meets nature

STORK stands for stone and cork and combines different, but highly appreciated, intrinsic characteristics from both natural materials.

  • Hospital da Luz

    APPLICATION: Façade and ventilated ceiling


    CHALLENGE: To develop a solution in natural stone that complied with the weight requirements. Need to use the current sub-structure.


    LOCATION: Benfica, Lisbon, Portugal


    AREA: 754m2    Dimension: 1,5 x 1m    Stone thickness: 7mm     Cork (NL10) Thickness: 15mm

“My employees had the chance to test Stork products for the first time in the main entrance of Hospital da Luz. The result exceeded our expectations. The product - which consists of natural stone and cork - proved to be an excellent option for this type of work, due to its lightness and easy to handling. This option had already become a necessity in the market, since it makes it possible to work with large items without any difficulties.”



  • London Building

    APPLICATION: Façade and ventilated ceiling


    CHALLENGE: Integration of a light and thin solution, with a limestone façade and ventilated ceiling.


    LOCATION: London, UK


    AREA: 255m2    Stone thickness: 6mm     Cork thickness (NL10): 10mm


    NATURAL STONE: Moca cream limestone




  • Lisbon Outdoor Raised Floor

    CHALLENGE: Develop a solution for a natural stone raised floor.


    LOCATION: Lisbon, Portugal


    AREA: 19m2    Stone thickness: 10mm     Cork thickness (NL10): 15mm


    NATURAL STONE: Lioz Abancado limestone




  • USA Dining Table and Sideboard

    CHALLENGE: Produce a dining table and sideboard with deep veins, from a single sheet of natural stone.




    Stone thickness: 5mm     Cork thickness (NL10): 15mm


    NATURAL STONE: Estremoz white marble

“In the development of an interior architecture project for a commercial establishment, we tried to distance ourselves from standard solutions. We recognized that Stork was the ideal partner to implement our idea. The challenge was to produce a set of tables and the respective counter made from Ruivina marble combined with cork. The expertise of the professionals, who are used to working with stone, played a decisive role in ensuring the project’s success. We had complete confidence in the team - from production to assembly. Fortunately, the result has been highly praised.”


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