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The MATERIA collection was designed to occupy a place in the space of those who appreciate the comfort and functionality of objects. Case Studies

Design is one of the main ways to enhance the unique characteristics of cork. Hence, Corticeira Amorim challenged experimentadesign to commission professionals that would create a collection - MATERIA - where the urban user was the main target.

The design process of the items created combines functionality and relevance (an essential concern of the modern world), with keen sensitivity for the dynamics of use.

The MATERIA collection, by joining the sensory characteristics and the unique personality of an ancient material - cork - with the challenging perspective of design, is thus a set of objects that unite in a fluid and functional way with the everyday environments and experiences.

Main Goal

The main goal of MATERIA is to raise the profile of the cork and conquer new territories and new audiences. The perfect cocktail for success is created by combining the inspiration of various designers - through a collection where the cork is the main feature (albeit combined with other materials) - with its multifaceted character and potential, and adding the aesthetics and know-how of internationally renowned artists.


The MATERIA collection is composed of completely new  design objects that take advantage of the unique properties of cork thanks to the most advanced production technologies.

The creativity of this collection composed of 12 items comes from Big-Game (CH), Daniel Caramelo (PT), Fernando Brízio (PT), Filipe Alarcão (PT), Inga Sempé (FR), James Irvine (EN), Keiji Takeuchi (JP), Marco Sousa Santos (PT), Miguel Vieira Baptista (PT), Nendo (JP), Pedrita (PT) and Raw Edges (IL/UK).


  • Greater comfort in use
  • Greater impact resistance
  • Thermal stability
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Sustainable and recyclable material
“We believe that design brings a fresh perspective to cork, which has some uniquely 21st-century characteristics. The ten invited designers responded to the challenge with very different proposals that bring a multitude of looks and expressive uses, enriching the entire collection launching MATERIA.
The combination of design and industrial capability, as well as a focus on the user and contemporary needs define this new brand, which aims to increase the visibility of cork and its presence in our daily lives.”

Guta Moura Guedes, President of Experimentadesign

“Currently, we are witnessing the strengthening of cork’s positioning in its main markets, as a noble solution able to respond to the technical and environmental challenges of different sectors of activity.
MATERIA CORK BY AMORIM is born from the relentless will of CORTICEIRA AMORIM to develop new and unexpected high value-added applications for cork, which capitalize on the company's know-how and its investment in innovation and R&D. Harnessing the absolutely unique characteristics of cork, MATERIA is a line of everyday and contemporary objects with a heavy design influence. ”

António Rios de Amorim, President of Corticeira Amorim

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