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Cork in acoustic wall coverings

Cork in acoustic wall coverings

Cork backing is used in wall covering panels to increase soundproofing.

Vivid colours, rich textures, and a strong visual effect are the main features of the acoustic wall coverings created by the studio, Submaterial. Made from wool felt, they incorporate a cork layer that reinforces the soundproofing.

Acoustic performance is a decisive factor for ensuring the comfort of any space, whether a private residence, office or public building. Covering walls with materials that absorb vibration is an increasingly common practice in order to maximize soundproofing.

In view of this challenge, the U.S. studio Submaterial has developed wall coverings and panels for acoustic insulation, that are genuine design works. With a simple and minimalistic appearance, the products combine colour and texture, transforming the wall into a central element of the interior decoration.

“Using natural and sustainable materials such as wool felt and cork has always been a strong theme running through my product designs. They have a powerfully tactile quality and at the same time the simplicity and honesty that draws the hand and the eye.”

David Hamlin, Submaterial

  • Cork at the heart of the wall covering

    The wall coverings and panels created by Submaterial place a wool felt layer - of variable thickness according to the references - over a 3-mm cork backing provided by Amorim Cork Composites.


    The backing used by Submaterial is based on cork agglomerate produced from waste derived from the manufacture of wine corks or recycled cork mixed with resin.

    cork on walls_1.png
  • Acoustically absorbent wall covering system

    This compound is then heated, pressed into a mold and cut into sheets.


    The combination of cork backing with wool felt creates a durable and acoustically absorbent wall covering system. Although there are different variations, in function of the models, the coverings register noise reduction coefficients (NRC) of up to 0.20.




Founded in 2006, the US studio Submaterial is dedicated to the development of wall coverings and panels designed to reduce indoor acoustic impact. Manufactured from sustainable raw materials, such as wool felt and cork, their wall coverings are highly valued by architects and interior designers and have already won a number of awards and distinctions.


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