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ACC and the social web

ACC and the social web

Reinventing how we engage on the web

Social media platforms (online social networks, wikis, blogs, chats and fóruns) started as collaborative and personal tools, but are increasingly becoming an essential tool to drive business results.

To empower our employees and help them to profit from these tools, complementing the social media policy, we've collected a few tips to help them improve their Linkedin presence, the leading professional social network.

Social Network can influence customers and stakeholders

When creating content that establishes your expertise in a subject or application, engaging in communities or sharing helpful content, you're improving your digital influence which helps you to achieve better business results.

Linkedin tips

Digital Footprint

Your social media profiles are just a part of your digital footprint, but can help you become a better professional, if well managed.

Try searching on Google for you name and job title and check the results, editing the one you have access to or asking to be updated, if they are compromising your reputation or violation your privacy.

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