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What they say about Amorim Cork Composites

Daniel Lírio Weyler

Sales Manager Construction Europe and Middle East

  • Marta Pacheco

    Industrial Director

    To be at Amorim Cork Composites is to guarantee that every day we have a new challenge, which sustains the desire to continue working more and better with this team of great professionals. I admire our ability to adapt to the different demands of the market, which proves that we are a company that continuously seeks solutions for our customers. It is the contact with this dynamic that has contributed significantly to my professional growth.

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Chandra Panchani

Market Developer Asia and Rest of the World

  • Tânia Ribeiro

    Quality Director

    Working at Amorim Cork Composites has been gratifying and enriching at all levels. It allows me to work with the best and be part of a successful team. Daily learning , which makes us increasingly capable and prepared for today’s competitive market. The innovation capacity of the company is not only reflected in its products, but also in the way it values its Human Resources, enabling them to better train and learn, and to evolve as professionals.

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Chris Schenck

Sales Manager Industry North America


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