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What they say about Amorim Cork Composites

  • Alexandra Mouta

    Logistics Director

    "Amorim Cork Composites has a good work environment and presents us with new challenges every day. Working at Amorim Cork Composites is a rewarding experience due to the company’s dynamism and our autonomy and possibilities for career evolution. My career has been enriched by the learning and growth opportunities that this organization has offered me.

  • Chandra Panchani

    Market Developer - India

    “My experience at Amorim Cork Composites has been very positive and over the course of my career I have had the opportunity to develop knowledge about different questions related to raw materials, products and the business. This has allowed me to apply my acquired expertise to the reality of my own market. Despite being based away from the company’s headquarters, the working teams are extremely cooperative and have supported me in all initiatives. At Amorim Cork Composites there is an open and transparent communication process, through which we can easily interact with top management as well as with other colleagues at all organizational levels.”

  • Marina Rodrigues

    Global Segment Manager - Construction

    “It's great to be part of a company that sets even more ambitious goals each year and makes us realize that the "our best performance" can always be improved. At Amorim Cork Composites we have the possibility to learn about different markets, interact with leading international players in their respective business fields, and can see that our growth as employees is an essential part of the company’s overall growth.”

  • Peter Delgado

    Market Developer - AROW

    "I’m very proud to work for a leading company in one of the world’s most sustainable industries. Amorim Cork Composites is a global, modern and innovative company whose values include the special attention it pays to all its employees. I’m also very grateful to work with people who enjoy their work and value their company's products. At Amorim Cork Composites, each of us feels a great passion for cork, and that spirit is highly contagious."

  • Zhou Pan

    Managing Director - China

    “Amorim Cork Composites has a vast portfolio of innovative and sustainable products. Every day there’s a constant search to foster new development and continuous improvement, which helps us establish a good market position in relation to our competitors. The relationship with our work colleagues is based on constant, open and transparent communication that engenders an excellent working environment.”