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Cork Potential Testimonials


What they say about Amorim Cork Composites

  • Catarina Gonçalves

    Logistics – Production Planning

    "At Amorim Cork Composites, in a project in which we were looking for new raw materials in order to develop new products, I had the opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary team and learn new information management tools. The environment is challenging and continually encourages us to seek out new solutions, think outside the box and make suggestions that are heard and often implemented."

    Catarina Goncalves_ACC.png
  • Marta Reinas


    "By completing my internship as part of my master's degree, followed by a professional internship, I was able to gain a new perspective on the cork industry, and the processes, development and operation of a multinational company. Now, as a member of the company's staff, I’m still constantly learning and improving and diversifying my technical and theoretical skills."

    Marta Reinas_ACC.png
  • Nuno Moreira

    Health and Safety

    "Contact with the organization’s cultural diversity, availability of resources, teamwork and sharing with other professionals were some of the key learning opportunities that leveraged development of my own professional capacities – in terms of resilience, determination, focus on objectives and results, proactive outlook and improvement of my technical skills . The Cork Potential Internship was one of the most enriching professional and personal experiences in my career to date!"

    Nuno Moreira_ACC.png
  • Rita Brandão

    Logistics – Production Planning

    "During the period of my curricular internship, the company encouraged me and provided me with sufficient autonomy to implement several improvements, based on knowledge acquired throughout my academic career. The experience at Amorim Cork Composites has been, and continues to be, extremely rewarding and has fuelled my own intellectual and personal growth."

    Rita Brandao_ACC.png
  • Rosário Monteiro

    Management Control

    “My internship at Corticeira Amorim enabled me to move from theory to practice. It was the first time that I was exposed on a daily basis to a business environment. This enabled me to consolidate theoretical concepts, and also develop essential professional skills, especially in terms of communication and behavior.”

    Rosario Monteiro_ACC.png
  • Simon Burgard

    Global Technical Manager Retail

    "My internship at Amorim Cork Composites began in the production area. I was able to positively combine the academic dimension (my thesis report) with the industrial business component. This enabled me to develop strong critical thinking capacities, with the opportunity to express my ideas and doubts and share my difficulties and I also received guided support tailored to all my needs."

  • Thiago Oliveira

    Global Technical Manager Retail

    “The decision to pursue an internship at Amorim Cork Composites will always be an important milestone in my professional career as an engineer. It was amazing to discover the tremendous potential of working with cork. My internship was in the Granulated Unit, where I had the opportunity to learn the entire life cycle of this raw material, and also understand everything that can be done with it. I received wonderful guidance right from the outset. I’m very pleased to be working with a company such as Amorim Cork Composites.

    Thiago Oliveira_ACC.png