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Yoga Props: Why choose cork?

Discover all the advantages of cork yoga props.

The practice of yoga has become increasingly popular and for many it is more than just a physical exercise. It is a lifestyle that represents a balance between mind and body.

To make the most of practising yoga, it is essential to use the right accessories, which help users in terms of their balance, support, posture and relaxation. The right props allow beginners to perform more complex postures with greater ease and advanced practitioners to excel with each practice.

5 advantages of cork yoga props

Cork yoga props offer several benefits over conventional accessories made from synthetic materials, such as foam. Discover the main reasons why cork is an excellent option for this type of accessory:

1. Durability

Since cork is very resistant, cork yoga props are extremely durable. In addition, cork does not stain when exposed to perspiration and only needs to be wiped with a damp cloth to keep it in good condition and look good for a long time.

2. Sturdiness and resilience

Cork’s inherent resistance means that yoga props made from this material provide optimum support and won’t deform over time, as happens with some foam products that start to deteriorate and lose their initial characteristics.

3. Comfort

Practising yoga with cork props is extremely comfortable. 100% natural and organic, cork is non-slip, is very soft to the touch and maintains a temperature similar to that of the human body, which transmits a sense of well-being.


4. Safety

In addition to being comfortable, cork is a very safe material, of natural origin and contains no chemical or toxic substances. The fact that it guarantees grip, even when subject to perspiration, provides stability and safety when assuming different postures.

5. Sustainability

Cork is a material of natural origin, sustainable and renewable, extracted from the bark of the cork oak tree, without harming the tree. These characteristics make cork yoga props an option that respects the environment and is fully aligned with a more conscious lifestyle.

Discover the Go4Cork collection of yoga props

Inspired by nature and the harmony and serenity transmitted by yoga, Amorim Cork Composites has developed a range of essential accessories for practising this activity, entirely made from cork.

  • Cork Yoga Blocks

    Available in standard and slim formats, Go4Cork blocks are ideal for providing support and stability in balancing and stretching positions during yoga, pilates and meditation. Due to cork’s sturdiness, they offer greater support and are more durable than foam blocks.


    Cork blocks make practicing yoga safe and enjoyable. The surface of the block is non-slip, even if you’re the users’ hands are wet. The corners are rounded for a soft and comfortable touch.

  • Cork Yoga Egg

    The cork yoga egg was specially designed to improve comfort and well-being while practising yoga and pilates, helping to relieve tension in the wrists and increasing freedom of movement. It is also very useful for supporting the back in reclined positions, since its curved shape fits perfectly with the curvature of the spine.


    Because it is made of cork, the yoga egg does not slip, ensuring stability and safety, while allowing users to increasingly challenge themselves. As with the blocks, the corners are rounded to make the egg even more comfortable.

  • Cork Yoga Wedge

    Used to rest the hands or feet during yoga, the Go4Cork cork yoga wedge protects and provides comfort to the wrists and ankles, avoiding pain, while creating the right angle for performing various exercises.


    Applicable to numerous yoga and pilates poses, it improves stability and alignment during practice and allows for deeper stretches. Made entirely from natural cork, the Go4Cork wedge is non-deformable and non-slip. 

    DSC02517 Edit
  • Cork Yoga Roller

    The cork yoga roller is the perfect accessory to relieve stress, muscle tension and stretching before or after practicing yoga or other types of exercise. It improves blood circulation, helps relax the most tense parts of the body and prevents injuries. It can also be used to massage trigger points, speeding up the recovery process.


    Its rounded shape allows users to massage their affected areas by moving the roller back and forth, as well as by applying localized pressure on them. Since it is 100% made of cork, it is very robust and durable.

  • Cork Yoga Massage Ball

    Just like the yoga roller, the cork yoga ball is suitable for massaging tense areas, relieving pain and bringing well-being. Measuring 2.4" in diameter, it fits perfectly in the hand and is the ideal size for applying myofascial release techniques, which help muscle recovery and improve movement of the joints.


    Cork makes the yoga ball very soft and pleasant to the touch, but also gives it the right density for massages, thereby bringing relief.

    DSC01484 2

From cork yoga balls to blocks, through rollers, wedges and eggs, Go4Cork offers a full range of cork yoga props that combine robustness and sustainability. Practitioners can thereby excel with beautiful, useful and nature-friendly props.


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