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One Two Three Swing! on tour

One Two Three Swing! on tour

2018-07-10 SUPERFLEX’s installation incorporates innovative cork solution

Following its initial presentation in the Tate Museum, SUPERFLEX is now taking replicas, with different dimensions, of its installation, One Two Three Swing!, to various destinations - such as Bonn and Copenhagen. It will be interesting to follow the developments of the upcoming presentations of this installation, which is supported by Amorim Cork Composites and incorporates an innovative cork-based solution.

The cork composite used in the installation combines an unprecedented mix of natural-coloured expanded cork granulates and aims to absorb major impacts and resist wear and tear. It has been designed in consideration of the other requirements of the original project of the Tate Museum’s Turbine Hall, in particular in terms of dimensional stability, waterproofing and resistance to natural sunlight.

  • Copenhagen Contemporary, Copenhagen, Denmark

    On exhibition until 30-12-2018


    One Two Three Swing! in Copenhagen is the largest ever installation of this project, measuring around 1,250 square meters. It is presented on Copenhagen Contemporary’s website as "both an aesthetic and a conceptual installation engaging with the power of play and the collaborative entities people can create together. The shared experience is embedded within us and may engender new collaborative activities and movements as we go through life. SUPERFLEX see the collective force as a positive energy, potentially capable of changing the course of our lives and thus our future. The work may also trigger reflections on fundamental questions such as democracy, influence, and common citizenship – in that sense, SUPERFLEX’ swings are more than just play. "


    Here you might find further information about the installation One Two Three Swing in Copenhagen Contemporary.

  • Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn, Germany

    On exhibition until 30-12-2018


    The solution developed by Amorim Cork Composites for these playgrounds is a new cork composite that meets very demanding requirements in terms of absorbing large-scale impacts and resistance to wear and tear. In the Bundeskunsthalle, the installation is integrated within the exhibition, "The Playground project – outdoor" which brings together works by various contemporary artists dedicated to the theme of play, including spaces, forms or utensils that visitors can interact with. Visitors are invited to experience art in a fun, participatory and performative manner.


    The project is based on the principle that play is a fundamental human activity, that is both necessary and educational, wherein each person discovers their individual qualities, and through this experience can develop their own personality.




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