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Nitrocork, a new and innovative concept when cooking with nitrogen


A new and innovative concept when cooking with nitrogen. Blog

Nitrocork is a new range of products developed by the renowned brand Bahí&Güell in partnership with Amorim Cork Composites.

It is the first range of products that uses cork as an insulating material to cook food using liquid nitrogen.

Cork is the best material for thermal insulation purposes and Bahí&Güell came up with this idea: Why not take advantage of this exceptional material for cooking purposes? Amorim Cork Composites was the ideal partner for finding the appropriate material and right density of cork to obtain the perfect insulation for these products. This resulted in the Nitrocork range, targeted at the world of gastronomy, and specially designed for professionals that work with nitrogen at sub-zero temperatures.

“We use this unique material for various reasons. Liquid nitrogen exists at 196º below zero. That’s why it’s very important to use a perfect natural insulation such as cork. In addition, cork’s sensorial characteristics, in particular its warmth and touch, met the requirements we were looking for when we designed the Nitrocork range. Without ignoring cork’s attractive and differentiating power. Another important attribute of cork is its lightness. Nitrocork has been designed to be used as a tool for showcooking, so it has to be light and easily transportable. We thought that cork was the perfect solution.”



A new and innovative concept when cooking with nitrogen

Nitrocork is a family of different products created for manipulation of liquid nitrogen in the gastronomy and food area. These products can be used for cooking or serving food at the table. This range consists of containers developed both for cooking using cold plates or direct immersion in nitrogen, as well as the plates and accessories for presentation.

Nitrocork has different sizes to suit all preferences, from restaurants to catering and showcooking events. The product range consists of Nitrocork BOL, Nitrocork Q, Nitrocork MINI, IGNIA plate and NEU plate.

All of these products use high density cork as insulation material. Nitrocork products are also combined with high quality materials, such as stainless steel for the work plate.

Several top chefs who use this cooking technique - such as Dani Garcia, Celler de Can Roca and Nandu Jubany - have placed their trust in Nitrocork products.


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