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New Underlayment Go4Cork ONE

Underlayment Go4Cork ONE, a commitment to the circular economy

Amorim Cork Composites launches the new underlayment Go4Cork ONE, that blends cork with PET foam from recycled wind turbine blades.

Made with over 80% recycled and natural materials

Underlayment ONE has given a second life to a material that typically ends up in a landfill, continuing Amorim’s commitment to a circular economy. This product employs PET foil, foam and textiles sourced from the wind energy industry. Leveraging post-production leftover foam PET, this innovation integrates cork strategically to maintain material thickness. Moreover, by using innovative materials from other sectors, it indirectly contributes to the growth of sustainable industries and local economies.

Underlayment Go4Cork ONE is a 2 in 1 solution with an integrated vapor barrier. It’s durable against loads, compensates for minor surface defects or unevenness and was designed to improve the acoustic performance on laminate floors. Underlayment ONE has undergone rigorous testing in accordance with MMFA and EPLF requirements for Group 1 certification, ensuring its quality and reliability.


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