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Improving footwear with thermoforming

Improving footwear with thermoforming


FootCork® follows market trends and focuses on customers' most challenging needs, developing and enlarging the FootCork® range with innovative solutions. EVA CORK thermoforming materials combine 100% natural features and the lightness of cork with the higher flexibility of EVA, to ensure extra walking comfort.

As result of new EVA solutions, a practical and simple manufacturing process has been developed – thermoforming. This process is widely used in the footwear industry, mainly in orthopedic components: material is heated to a pliable forming temperature, and then formed to a specific shape in a mold and trimmed to create a customized component.

FootCork® solutions are strongly dedicated to new cork-based solutions for the entire footwear industry.

  • Use of natural cork in footwear dates back to the Roman era. Since the early 1930’s natural cork slabs have been used to make shoe platforms and orthopedic components, the “star” performer in the field of foot health and comfort. For many decades, cork has been the simplest, best quality and most lightweight option, in comparison with other natural options.


After WWII agglomerated and rubber cork have been a constant feature of orthopedic applications (orthoses), integrated within specially made shoes, or simply as materials for CnC customized parts or even as a correction material when making adjustments to customized items for patients.


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