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Flooring industry invests in new technologies and materials

MMFA General Assembly

Flooring industry invests in new materials and technologies. Blog

Amorim Cork Composites hosted this year’s General Assembly of the MMFA - Multilayer Modular Flooring Association.

During the 2-day event, latest trends, sales, materials, technologies, new product categories, certification, and research were extensively debated by 75 professionals from leading European flooring companies and their suppliers. Participants discussed the state of the art in this industry and future trends, new developments and innovation.

The focus on new materials and technologies, and cooperation between the market’s various organizations, including intra-continental institutions, were considered to be directions that should be followed in order to foster a competitive landscape with major growth potential.

Emphasis was placed on the exponential growth of the contemporary flooring solution, LVT - Luxury Vinyl Tile - which offers excellent performance, design, durability and technology. This growth trend opens up new opportunities for various businesses and materials that can add value to this flooring solution. Cork composite solutions are an example of materials that can be added in the production of LVT flooring, offering higher performance advantages at different levels, in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, additional walking comfort for end users and the lightness that it confers to the final product.

MMFA General Assembly

Watch the video about the best moments of the MMFA General Assembly 2017.

“Our meeting in Porto was a big success. We had two compact days with intensive discussions and highly interesting lectures. (...) We would like to cordially thank Mr. António Amorim and his entire staff for their hospitality, their generosity and their organizational support in connection with our meeting.”

Matthias Windmöller, MMFA President 

To gain a better perspective of the MMFA’s 2017 General Assembly and the industry in general, we interviewed MMFA president, Matthias Windmöller, responsible for promoting the event, and the US-MFAssociation president, Harlan Stone, who on the second day of the event talked about the sector’s North American market.

“The recent MMFA event held in Porto, Portugal, was the best industry conference I have ever attended in my 35 years in the flooring industry! The quality of the presentations, cooperative and sharing attitude, and the outstanding hospitality and planning were all exceptional. The different players involved in the industry could interact in an open and honest manner, that helped build consensus and understanding.”

Harlan Stone, US-MFAssociation President

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Interview with Matthias Windmöller, President of the MMFA

“Our meeting in Porto was a big success.”

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Interview with Harlan Stone, President of the US-MFAssociation

“The recent MMFA event in Porto, Portugal was the best industry conference that I have attended in my 35 years in the flooring industry.”

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