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Cork presented in New York at Fifth Avenue

Cork presented in New York at 5th Avenue

2017-07-25 Blog

Cork has attracted the attention of North American furniture design and luxury fashion.

The window of the renowned fashion brand Saks Fifth Avenue presents the Lisbon Collection, from the acclaimed design and architecture studio Eugene Stoltzfus Furniture Design, which has cork as the main material.

This modern aesthetic collection features tables, pedestals, and seating, combining cork with steel frames.

Great aesthetics and authentic materials” were the qualities Raylin Diaz, the Visual Windows Director at Saks Fifth Avenue, found in the Lisbon Collection.

For Eugene Stoltzfus, founder of ESFD, “The timeless appeal of our Lisbon Collection is the perfect complement to Saks’ cutting edge fashion”.

  • The Lisbon Collection is on display for three weeks at Saks Fifth Avenue in the windows on the corner of 49th Street and 5th Avenue.

  • Amorim Cork Composites USA was the cork supplier for these extraordinary design pieces proving that cork is an excellent material for furnishings because of its flexibility, warm feeling and advanced molding techniques.


Cork is a 100% natural and recyclable raw material that inspires designers creativity. The industrial processes? These are very developed and in continuous research. Cork can enter the industry in processes such as: 3D Molding, CNC machining, Lamination with different materials, Compression molding, and Board on frame.


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