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05 . Apr . 2018
Health & Orthopaedic

Reduce and prevent foot illness.

05 . Apr . 2018
Cork in orthopaedic and comfort footwear

As light as it is resistant. As natural as it is sophisticated. As traditional as it is timeless. Cork always makes for a perfect fit!

05 . Apr . 2018
05 . Apr . 2018
28 . Nov . 2018
Luís Miguel Sá

MYORTHOPEDICS   “The incorporation of cork in the orthopaedic footwear market is extremely beneficial, because it ensures excellent quality, highly valued in our products, is a rich raw material, extremely easy to mould, and has the capacity to be a breathable material. It also delivers multiple advantages for orthopae…

News 22 . Sep . 2017

After WWII agglomerated and rubber cork have been a constant feature of orthopaedic applications (orthoses), integrated within specially made shoes, or simply as materials for CNC customized parts or even as a correction material when making adjustments to customised items for patients.


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