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Cork 3D Molding – Unleashing Creativity


Amorim Cork Composites develops a new composite for 3D molding technology.

Amorim Cork Composites has established partnerships with Swedish entrepreneurs, who have extensive experience in the wood industry and master 3D molding techniques with a long tradition in Scandinavia.

This is a two way process where we combine our knowledge in cork raised through research, experimentation and over 140 years of history, with the knowhow of those who lead their own industries.

  • Complex 3D Shapes

    We developed a special cork formula which withstands the challenges of 3D molding and thus the creation of complex shapes.

  • Competitiveness

    Competitiveness was the driving force behind this project, which aims to combine cork´s sensorial and functional attributes.

  • Different applications

    We mold cork with different materials which are available on the market, like wood veneer, bio based materials or polyester fibres.

  • Acoustic performance

    Cork is combined with different materials, according to the desired technical performance. 

  • Cork protection

    Special coatings for cork protection have been developed to maintain its sensorial attributes.


We have gathered a team capable of delivering competitive solutions for large scale projects, encompassing mold construction, technical support in product industrialization and acoustic performance.

Each shape is a new challenge and so we invite designers, architects and technical experts to join us on this exciting new world of possibilities.



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Cork, the art of nature. Design, the elegance of function.

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