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Doghammer Interview

“If we don’t care about the environment, our outdoor playground will be lost.”


How did it all begin?

Doghammer was founded in 2015, by two friends - Maximillian (Founder and CEO) and Matthias (Co-founder and CEO), with a small production unit in Rosenheid, Germany. Their passion for mountaineering - whether biking, climbing or hiking - started at university. The feeling of having their feet always inside tight-fitting shoes undermined their sense of freedom, which lies at the heart of the experience itself.

For this reason, they began to develop an outdoor sandal, which provides a secure grip on all terrains. They are now expanding from sandals to sneakers that can be totally personalized. Doghammer does not just aim to deliver a shoe that completes the hiking experience, but which is entirely made of sustainable materials. They aim to use natural materials and focus on handcrafted products to ensure a sustainable and green footprint.

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    With almost three years of experience in shoe manufacturing, they don’t just pay special attention to the fact that their shoes are handcrafted, but also to the manufacturing contexts where they are made. They work exclusively with manufacturers who share their corporate philosophy and are based in the EU.


    When selecting the materials, they attach great importance to natural and recycled materials produced in Europe. Doghammer’s goal is to manufacture shoes that have no negative impact on our environment, and they achieve this goal by using short-distance transport routes, suitable materials and production processes, a repair service, and environmentally friendly packaging materials. They also guarantee their impact on society and employ persons with disabilities or work with companies for persons with disabilities.

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Why Cork?

“The idea is to produce cork-based shoes because we believe in the properties of cork such as its lightweight and sustainability, but we also really appreciate that the material comes from Europe and not from somewhere else requiring long-distance transportation. Cork is also a nice material to work with; it's easy to mold and has a nice visual for shoes. The idea is to have cork in every side of the shoes, from the sole to the upper materials, so we want to have some cork in it.” Maximillian, Doghammer Founder and CEO

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“The benefit of using sustainable materials is definitely to leave a green footprint. We do not want to make shoes that produce more garbage. For example, I read an article, that says that in Germany alone we throw away over 300 million pairs of shoes per year and we have to think about the waste. What we want to do is to create a shoe, which does not produce waste but reduces waste. I think cork can contribute because it regrows naturally.”

Maximillian – Doghammer Founder and CEO

What do you think about mixing cork with other raw materials?

"I think the most important thing is that people can see that what they are buying is cork, a natural material mixed with other recycled materials that can be reused. That makes people feel good. For example for mixed materials based on EVA and cork, we can say, “look, this is your shoe, reused in a material that we can now use”."

“I think it's very good to use different materials combined with cork. We notice that it is very difficult to find recycled materials and natural materials, and the best way is to combine them together because many things are not tested now. It's more than a toe separator - it's a way of life.”

Maximillian – Doghammer Founder and CEO


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