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Create a space for organisation and inspiration with a memo board

Create a space for organization and inspiration with a memo board

Made of cork or other materials, memo boards easily adapt to any environment and are very useful and practical for a more organized daily routine.

At a time when it’s so easy to keep notes, reminders and ideas on our phones and have them always at hand, a memo board may seem a little outdated. However, despite all the applications that make life easier, who can honestly say that they’ve never forgotten an appointment or an important date?

This is where memo boards can be very useful, both at home and in the office. Whether it’s for leaving messages, organizing notes and to-do lists or saving memories and jotting down inspiration, a memo board is functional, protects walls and gives a personal touch to the décor of any room.

Memo boards are also a great gift for a friend who prizes organization, likes office supplies or works on DIY projects, since they are very easy to customize.

Go4cork: memo boards for all tastes

Made of cork, magnetic, designed for writing with chalk, with maps included... There are many Go4cork memo board options. And there's definitely one that fits your needs.

Cork memo boards

In naturally-colored cork with a pine or grey frame, these are the most traditional choice and suit any environment, whether it’s a teenager's room, the home office or at your workplace. Give them a different style by customizing the push pins to match the rest of the décor.

Magnetic memo boards 

As well as using them to hold notes and documents, you can also write on the memo board’s surface, which makes these magnetic boards well suited to meeting rooms and work areas. Each board already includes some magnets and a non-permanent marker. Go4cork also offers mixed models that combine cork with a magnetic surface.

Memo boards with a world map

These are ideal for people who like to travel. You can bookmark the places you’ve already visited, use it to plan your next destination or to hold photographs, postcards, tickets and other memories from your travels. Place yours in the living-room and it’ll always be a conversation-starter when your friends come over.

Memo blackboards for writing with chalk

On the kitchen wall, they’re perfect for brief messages, writing down a shopping list or letting the family know what’s for dinner. In the children's room, they can be used repeatedly as a drawing surface, since they just need to be wiped with a damp cloth before being drawn on again.

Cork Inside memo boards

Similar to cork memo boards, their special characteristic is the addition of waste from other industries to the cork used, thus contributing to a more circular economy and reduced waste disposal. Given that some of these materials are colored, these boards exhibit slight hints of colour, which give the cork a modern and irreverent look. To identify them, look for the Cork Inside seal on product packaging.

All Go4cork memo boards come with the accessories necessary for use as soon as they’re removed from the packaging (push pins for cork boards, magnets and pen for magnetic boards and chalk for memo blackboards). In addition, all models can be hung horizontally or vertically. 

And why not cover an entire wall with cork?

If you like memo boards, covering a wall with cork rolls or panels may also be an interesting option. In the office, this creates a large space where you can take notes, outline projects and organize your work week. In the children's room, it’s the perfect place for kids to display their drawings and creations.

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