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The 5th Element

Love found in an unexpected place

The 5th Element – The Perfect Balance

Some say that the seasons determine the cycle of life and that the richness of each one is involved in the elements that compose it.

  • Spring


    “... Like the wind that blows quietly the soul of the earth and brings matter that turns into life and thrives.”

  • Summer


    “... Or that warm light that looks serene to those who see it from afar, but that pops vigorously when it hits the ground, reminding a fire that begs for something that refreshes and calms it.”

  • Autumn


    “... The air. That air that is not seen but is heard whistling with excessive force as the day falls. It brings the strong aromas, almost touchable, and that pack the memories of a travelling sun that falls slowly while, behind, the breeze chills the foliage.”

  • Winter


    “... The water. Majestic, impenetrable, which wets everything through where it passes, leaving nothing to chance, and that closes this cycle opening a new one, when the smelling breath of flowers returns to the plain.”

  • Balance


    “... Helping to make the 5th element, the cork.”

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The 5th Element, the perfect balance

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