Materials & Applications

Doha Metro Green Line Underground

  • Materials Used

    Material Category
    Expansion Joints

    Material Reference
    Expandacork Type II
  • Project Details

    Doha, Qatar

    Date Scheduled
    January 2013 -  2020

    Date Completed
  • Contractor

    Qatar Rail
    Qatar Rail will be the owner and manager of Qatar’s rail network and will be responsible for the design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the entire rail network and systems.

Project Overview

The Doha Metro is part of the Qatar Integrated Railways Program (QIRP). The Metro’s Green Line underground section runs below ground from the center of Doha City - south to Karwa City, and north to Al Rayyan North, Education City and Umm Saif Stadium.
The scope of work included design and construction of all civil engineering and building work for this section of the Metro network.
The total underground length is approximately 15km.

Material Used

  • Expandacork

    Expandacork products absorb the vibrations, expansions, and contraction caused by heat in the different construction materials.


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