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Olivais’s Seminary

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    Final Coating

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    Lisbon, Portugal

    Date Scheduled
    March 2016 -  March 2018

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    NacionalRev is a construction multi-material distributer that has also good partnerships with specialized applicators to provide a good service with the warranty needed.
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Project Overview

Olivais’s Seminary building is part of Portuguese Patriarchy and because of this it was important to keep the main façade characteristics. However, the building had around 10 000 m² of façade with micro-fissures, color problems, and old coating peeling.

Following a traditional  Portuguese construction style one of the most important characteristics to keep on this façade was the water vapor permeability in order to prevent humidity by condensation.

With a good balance between costs (total costs, it means material plus application costs) and benefits, Corkwall was the selected solution to the renovation of this external façade because due to its high elasticity, Corkwall prevents shrinkage cracks and treats existing micro-fissures and keeps the color during a long time.

The partnership with an applicator was also an important decision factor because offering the full packaging the customer was more confident about the quality and durability of this system.

Corkall renewing the history with identity!

Material Used

  • Corkwall

    Flexible final coating for external façades and internal walls.


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