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Sustainability, comfort and performance in mobility

On land, on water or in the air. We are reinventing mobility with innovative cork-based solutions

Cork: sustainability, comfort and performance in mobility

The unique properties of cork, together with Amorim Cork Composites' know-how in highly technological and specialised sectors of the industry, allow us to develop sustainable and innovative solutions for the mobility sector.

As a result of a continuous investment in R&D, cork is now used in structural elements (such as interior panels and flooring) and in the interior components of various means of transport. Although not always visible, we find it in cars, buses and high-speed trains, as well as in ships and aeroplanes.

In all of them, the natural characteristics of cork are differentiating factors. Its lightness, durability and thermal and fire resistance, combined with its thermoacoustic and anti-vibration insulation capacity, create solutions that offer passengers greater safety and comfort. At the same time, the use of cork helps to reduce energy consumption and the environmental impact of these means of transport.

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