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Pre-Attached Underlayment

Soft touch and silence thanks to cork.

Impact noise insulation as part of the system.

The use of a NRT pre-attached underlayment acts like the traditional underlay, preventing the transmission of mechanical energy through the slab. The perfect energy attenuation is provided by the engineered combination of different cork granules, targeted to be underneath the MDF, plywood, staves, WPC's or polymer or polymer-composite substrate.
A pre-attached underlayment cork layer on the reverse dulls impact noise and improves the laying characteristics of the flooring.

  • Build a final flooring thinking about customers feelings

    Cork’s normal temperature is very close to the human body, it therefore feels warm to the touch and the cork surface transmit a smooth touch.
    As pre-attached underlayment, agglomerated cork is perceived since the first interaction with the floor and it is arousing positive feelings that are associated to cork.
    However, cork is not only a marketing tool, in fact cork brings technical benefits and when used as pre-attached underlayment it is the excellent option to improve impact noise reduction and a way to provide contrast through a natural material.

  • A kraft paper carrier for the pre-attached underlayment

    A paper kraft carrier is available to laminate to the cork backing, improving the tensile strength, the client’s production process efficiency and the final floor value proposition. This sustainable and natural solution will improve the homogeneity of the adhesion of the pre-attached underlayment to other layers of the floor.


Key features

“For us, cork is a very important aspect of the business. We have been producing cork floors for 29 years and we have a strong relation with this natural product and its evolution. Cork is very important since it differentiates us from other producers. We place a priority on cork in our innovation processes. When we think about a new product, we explore how cork can help its development.”

Edwin Lingg,Li&Co

Pre-Attached Underlayment

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Tecnhical Specifications

  Units NRT 49 NRT 45 NRT 62
Density (kg/m³) 200 - 270 150 - 210 360 - 450
Compressibility at 0,7 Mpa % 15 - 35 30 - 50 10 -30
Recovery at 0,7 Mpa % ≥ 70 ≥ 70 ≥ 70
Tensile Strenght kPa ≥ 200 ≥ 300 ≥ 600
Availability - Rolls & Sheets
Width (minimum - maximum) mm 100 - 1250 100 - 1250 100-2100
Length (minimum - maximum) mm sheets: 600 - 3000
rolls: 600 - equivalent ∅1000 
sheets: 600 - 3000
rolls: 600 - equivalent ∅1000 
sheets: 600 - 3000
rolls: 600 - equivalent ∅1200 
Thickness (minimum - maximum) mm 0,8 - 8 0,8 - 8 0,8 - 8
Finish - NA NA Calibrated 1 side

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