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Stakeholders Testimonials

  • Michael Gerbl, Egger

    Eight years ago (2009), we were thinking about what we could do better to offer to the end consumer and we found that we should offer something more quiet, comfortable, and warm. In this respect, we could provide these features by including cork in our wood floors. We thought about how to get layers to include in our products, to which we could also apply decorative surfaces. Cork is simultaneously soft and hard. Soft, to the extent that that it’s nice to walk on, but hard enough to ensure that the flooring doesn't experience problems.
    We apply cork in the top layer and also to the bottom layer. Amorim developed this for us, based on its NRT – Noise Reduction Technology. I think we both learned how to develop it and improve our performance.


  • Edwin Lingg, Li&Co

    For us, cork is a very important aspect of the business. We have produced cork floors for 29 years and we have a strong relation with this natural product and its evolution. Cork is very important since it differentiates us from other producers. We place a priority on cork in our innovation processes. When we think about a new product, we explore how cork can help its development. Cork is not only a marketing tool, it brings a technical effort. We have been working with Amorim for more or less 30 years. Amorim Cork Composites has offered the techniques and also helped us understand how cork can be combined with other materials. Amorim Cork Composites has the technical skills and expertise to do this.

  • Kettler Volker, Meister Werke Schulte

    We have a long-standing relationship with cork. We value its comfort and elasticity and the positive feeling associated with cork. The use of cork means good and positive product features.
    We have a very long and positive partnership between Meister and Amorim Group and of course with Amorim Cork Composites.

  • Matthias Windmöller, President of the MMFA

    Cork is one of the fascinating hidden champions for so many sectors, I can’t even start to rank the most valuable characteristics.
    The diversity of applications – far beyond the flooring business – the top performance and also the important factor of sustainability makes cork probably one of the most amazing materials to work with.

  • Harlan Stone, President of the US-MFAssociation

    The North American market sees cork as a value-added product, and as a sustainable product. (…) The MLF category is a great opportunity for increased use of Cork as we put together different features in the different layers. Cork fits in well to this opportunity.


Stakeholders Testimonials

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