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Nidapark Istinye - Residential Building, Istanbul

  • Material used

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    Vibration Control supports
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    Istanbul, Turkey
  • Companies involved

    Project owner
    Tahincioğlu Gayrimenkul
    Nida Inşaat
    Underscreed installation
    Qubi Akustik

General project presentation

Innovation and Sustainability in Construction: Nidapark Istinye project incorporates Acousticork by Amorim solutions.

Acousticork by Amorim solutions were chosen by the Nidapark Istinye development to deliver acoustic performance, vibration control and sustainability.

Comprising more than 500 apartments and 50 blocks, the project is located in Istinye, one of Istanbul's most prestigious neighbourhoods. It is a luxury residential project that stands out not only due to its spectacular sea views and architectural excellence, but also for its careful choice of innovative and environmentally-friendly building materials.

  • Acousticork Underscreed: reducing noise and increasing comfort

    The U85 underscreed from the Acousticork by Amorim range were considered to be the ideal solution, by virtue of their acoustic performance.

    When applied to the floor between the structural slab and the screed during construction, they significantly reduce propagation of impact noise through the building’s structural elements and improve its acoustic insulation, while also helping to reduce heat loss and influence the building’s overall thermal performance.

    Nidapark İstinye Sustainable Construction Acousticork By Amorim (1)
  • Vibration Isolation Solutions

    VC7700 Acousticork by Amorim supports were also applied in the project, in order to optimise impact noise insulation in the floor construction.

    VC 7700

By choosing Acousticork by Amorim products, Nidapark Istinye is reinforcing its commitment to quality and innovation in construction - providing residents with a more peaceful and comfortable environment. This project constitutes a paradigm example of sophistication and sustainable innovation in residential construction in Istanbul.

The selected Acousticork by Amorim solutions guarantee long-term performance with stable material properties throughout the project’s life, and also represent a more sustainable option.


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