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  • Materials Used

    Material Category
    Vibration Control

    Material Reference
    Acousticork VC1003 (pads 50x50x50mm)
  • Project Details

    Krakow, Poland
    Date Scheduled
    June 2016 - June 2017
    Date Completed
    June 2017
  • Solution Provider

    Epufloor is a global supplier of sports and industrial flooring. They offer a large range of sports equipment, installation equipments and engineering services.
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Project Overview

This building in the University of Science and Technology in Krakow is a multi-purpose building. Building a TV studio on the 2nd floor without provoking noise-related complaints required a floating floor system to be installed. Furthermore, modern floor designs tend to be lighter in weight and include longer spans, and are therefore more dynamic in nature. For this reason, it was critical to consider frequencies that might cause disturbance and their harmonics, as well as the natural frequency modes of the floor and structure.

Incorporation of a floating floor for noise or vibration insulation is often far more cost-effective than the necessary increase in size/weight of steel or concrete required to suitably reinforce a building structure.

“Amorim (as a supplier of materials) helped us create an accurate installation drawing for each space, showing the precise insulator to be used, and the formwork locations and quantities. We have been able to create an impressive blending of contrasts, that ensures peace and quiet for the building’s users and optimum recording conditions in the studio.”

Sebastian Przybylski

Building Purpose

The pads – an engineered compound with cork and natural rubber - from Acousticork range are designed to optimize sound and impact insulation in floor construction and achieve resonance frequencies of 6 to 10Hz when correctly installed.  When integrated within a floating floor system, VC1000’s pads are used to obtain very high airborne and impact noise insulation performances, where floor loads are uniformly spread over the flooring surface, in an easy to install system.


Material Used

  • Acousticork Vibration Control Materials

    Acousticork's specific material formulations for vibration control combine performance with environmental concerns.

“The Acousticork range offered the perfect solution in terms of both performance and price. Acousticork pads were installed in long galvanized steel battens (U-profile rails) upon which the formwork was installed. This system was chosen because of the ease, speed and flexibility of installation.”

Sebastian Przybylski

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