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VC1005 and VC1006 Acousticork

VC1005 and VC1006

Simplifying elastic supporting of heavy loads. New engineered compounds (up to 12MPa).

High performance materials for high loads in isolation systems.

Growing population in urban areas has increased the need to make the standards and norms with regard to control of noise and vibration more stringent. The market is responding to this demand and two new solutions capable of withstanding high loads have just been launched.

VC1005 and VC1006 Acousticork, from Amorim Cork Composites, offer unique performance, for loads up to 12MPa, and their properties have been specifically developed to integrate complex isolation systems.

There are an increasing number of high-rise buildings and the materials used in their construction must guarantee the best possible isolation against the noise and vibrations of the city’s day-to-day life. Metro lines, industrial areas, car parks, and shopping centers are some of the sources of noise and vibration and unless properly isolated, high-rise buildings in these areas will be affected, with negative consequences on their living conditions.

The main challenge is to minimize the impact of these sources of noise and vibration, so as not to exceed the permitted values, either during the day or at night.

Amorim Cork Composites’ Acousticork range, specially developed for building industry, is now more complete with these two vibration control materials, made of engineered compounds with cork and natural rubber. Acousticork VC1005 and VC1006 are suitable for vibration control applications that require very high isolation levels, used as discrete isolators pads or strips with low resonance frequency and high loads, such as: building bearings, separation of different parts of the building, two-tier construction, or decoupling elements in metal structures, such as cranes.

The renewed Acousticork range offers vibration control materials with a load range up to 12MPa with long term durability, high dynamic effectiveness and simple handling and processing.

Acousticork high load resilient materials allows the high load decoupling with bearings in minimal space.

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