Full experience in the flooring industry

We provide unique solutions that allow our clients to reduce the carbon footprint of their final floor


Our materials are manufactured with NRT - Noise Reduction Technology, which in addition to greater noise reduction, preserves all its characteristics over time.

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Amorim NRT Top Layer is a component of high density cork designed for direct and digital printing, allowing a customized design.
Amorim NRT Top Layer has a Negative Carbon Footprint.

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The use of a Amorim NRT inlay placed very close to the noise source dissipates energy transmitted by the foot when hitting the floor.

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Innovative solutions fulfilling the market requirements

Amorim Cork Composites is able to supply all the components of the floor, except the floor itself!
Our experience has led to the development of unique technical components for flooring industry – Noise Reduction Technology (NRT).

We are focusing on product innovation and has a reactive innovation capacity (adapting to market demands) but also a proactive innovation capacity (product development). The product innovation is facilitated for a personal relationship with the key industry players and for our presence in flooring associations, such as MMFA.

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