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Silence! We’re about to talk about cork

In the future, cities will be smarter, as a direct consequence of the current dizzying pace of technological innovation.

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Vice President of Macao Institute of Acoustics

In this interview, Mr. Ir K.K. Iu, an expert in acoustics, explains the growing importance of noise control in residential and commercial buildings and evaluate the possible contribution of the cork in this field.

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Why is damping important for construction?

Damping is essential for vibration control in construction. With a high loss factor, cork is an excellent damping tool, boosting security and comfort in buildings and infrastructures.

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NVS - Noise and Vibration Simulator

Find the best solution for noise and vibration insulation.

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VC1005 and VC1006 Acousticork

Simplifying elastic supporting of heavy loads. New engineered compounds (up to 12MPa).

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Underscreed: more silence and more comfort

Noise control is a fundamental element in the comfort of a building.

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Cork: sustainability and technical performance in expansion joints

Amorim Cork Composites' cork-based solutions for expansion joints in concrete structures, combine performance, low maintenance and sustainability, and also comply with the construction industry’s stringent quality standards.

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