Materials & Applications

Galataport - Cruise Ship Terminal, Istanbul

  • Material used

    Material category
    Vibration Control supports
    Material reference
    U38, U85
  • Project Details

    Istanbul, Turkey
  • Companies involved

    Galataport İstanbul Liman İşletmeciliği Yatırımları A.Ş.
    Underscreed installation
    Qubi Akustik

General project presentation

World's first underground cruise terminal combines acoustic performance and sustainability with Acousticork.

Acousticork by Amorim solutions have been used in the construction of Galataport – Istanbul’s new cruise ship terminal. This large-scale project includes 95,000m2 destined for shops, restaurants and offices.

The $1.7 billion Galataport project aims to transform Istanbul’s historic port into a world-class cruise terminal, capable of attracting thousands of tourists.

  • Acousticork Underscreed: reducing noise and increasing comfort

    The U38 and U85 underscreeds from the Acousticork by Amorim range were considered to be the ideal solution, by virtue of their acoustic performance.


    When applied to the floor between the structural slab and the screed during construction, they significantly reduce propagation of impact noise through the building’s structural elements and improve its acoustic insulation, while also helping to reduce heat loss and influence the building’s overall thermal performance.

    Istanbul Galataport Cruise Terminal (1)
  • Vibration Isolation Solutions

    VC7200 Acousticork by Amorim supports were also applied in the project, to provide a high level of vibration control, and thereby increase the quality of life of the people located in the immediate zone and surrounding areas, while also protecting the equipment from long-term degenerative effects caused by vibration.

    Galataport Acousticork QUBI

The selected Acousticork by Amorim solutions guarantee long-term performance with stable material properties throughout the project’s life, and also represent a more sustainable option.


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