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eMedia Investments Studios, Johannesburg, South Africa

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    Acousticork U38
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    Johannesburg, South Africa
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General project presentation

Ensure impact noise isolation and offer maximum comfort to building users. These were the main reasons for the selection of the Acousticork U38 underscreed, made of agglomerated cork blended with recycled PU (polyurethane) based foam, for use in the new headquarters of eMedia Investments.

Located in the city of Johannesburg, in South Africa, the building houses the offices and studios of the various radio and television channels of the media group, which owns the eNCA information channel.


Underscreed: reducing noise and increasing comfort

Applied to the floor between the structural slab and the screed during the construction process, an underscreed significantly reduces the propagation of impact noise through the structural elements of the building and improves its sound insulation.

In addition, by helping to limit heat losses, it also has an influence on the thermal performance of the building, contributing to the well-being of the building's users.

In the case of the new eMedia Investments studios, in order to offer journalists and other employees the best working conditions and comfort, an underscreed from the Acousticork range was applied – the top performance U38, specifically designed for buildings with high acoustic requirements.

  • Material used

    The underscreed selected for application in the eMedia Investments building was the Acousticork U38. Made from cork and recycled polyurethane foam, it guarantees excellent impact noise insulation in new and refurbished buildings.


    In addition to the thermo-acoustic insulation properties, the U38 has a high load capacity with low deflection. It is, therefore, ideal for application in spaces with intense movement of people, as is the case of eMedia Investments' television studios, maintaining performance throughout the building's useful life.


    The U38 also represents an ecological choice, as it is made of cork, a naturally sustainable material, and byproducts from other industries, as a perfect industrial symbiosis. A combination that reinforces Amorim Cork Composites' commitment to the circular economy and reflects the customer's environmental concerns.


Acousticork U38: features and benefits

eMedia Investments

eMedia Investments is one of the leading South African media groups. It owns and the eNCA news channel, among other investments in the media sector.

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