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The Amorim Group is one of the largest, most entrepreneurial and dynamic multinationals of Portuguese origin. It started out in the cork business back in 1870 and today is the world leader in the sector.

Guided by a vision of sustained growth, the Group has engaged in the diversification of its business in sectors and geographical areas with high growth potential. In the 1960s, it began the process of vertically integrating the cork business and internationalizing its operations.

Always with the mission to respect the principles of economic, social and environmental development, the Amorim Group continues to be based on the same principles that helped build its empire - entrepreneurial vision, responsibility, diligence, creativity and innovation. The same applies to its mission to distinguish itself for its excellence, both in terms of management and products and services – a desire that is contagious and fuels the enthusiasm of the youngest generation - the fourth - involved in the family business.



As a cultural non-profit association, experimentadesign is a content generating platform geared towards the promotion of design and its role as an operating tool for positive change and mediation in contemporary society.

Known for its flagship project - the EXD Biennale – experimentadesign celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2009. The Biennale has built an important network of renowned national and international creative practitioners and an indisputable know-how in strategic design.

At the invitation of Amorim, experimentadesign created MATERIA, aimed at raising the profile of cork and looking ahead to new and bolder products and uses based on the material’s transversal added value and extremely versatile, user-friendly and sustainable nature. Under the stewardship of experimentadesign, responsible for the formulation of original concepts and overall curatorial direction, these projects involve both established and emerging designers and creative talents.

This partnership between one of the foremost Portuguese business groups and a key player in the sphere of creative industries is a landmark in strengthening the dialogue between companies and creative practitioners, with a view to incorporating creative and design added value into the industrial fabric, revitalizing it with the introduction of new methodologies and technologies.



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