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A dash, a pinch, a shake is all it takes for magic to happen: an ingredient is revived, a mixture is set to rights, a concoction becomes a delicacy. Upstaged by other more flamboyant players, it is nevertheless the quiet alchemy of salt and pepper that spells delight or disaster in the kitchen. Used wisely they rally the senses, titillate the taste buds and bring a dish to completion. However, they can just as easily crush a delicate flavor, overwhelm the palate and consign a meal to the garbage can. With par you can keep these potent elements in check: sealed in by the cork stopper-like bases, the transparent glass body leaves them visible at all times. 

  • Fitting comfortably into your hand, these shakers rely on the cork component for upright support, a good hold and an airtight control of the content.




Giving people a small “!“ moment, capturing the hidden potential for “!” in the everyday. This is the “wow” factor, the element of surprise, humor and novelty that, according to nendo, makes our lives more interesting. The mission of this design collective is to reintroduce it in the shape of objects and devices that are useful and easily appreciated. Nendo offers different solutions to ordinary problems, to perform tasks and organize the space around us, to provide a unique, enjoyable experience. Their work is as diversified as it is prolific, encompassing furniture, lighting, small objects, exhibition design, packaging and interior design, special commissions and interventions. With offices in Tokyo and Milan, nendo is headed by Oki Sato (b. 1977), who founded the office in 2002 upon completing his Master's in architecture from the Waseda University.


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