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Designed by Fernando Brízio.

Furo becomes a drawing device.

Furo is not happy being just a bowl or container for the living room or office. That job is just not fulfilling enough. Furo needs an outlet for its creative drive so it stands up on its tall legs and demands your attention.

Each leg is a colored pencil so when the sharpened tips are turned outward, Furo becomes a drawing device. Slide it around over a sheet of paper and watch as the surface beneath comes alive with perfectly symmetrical lines.

  • A seductive piece that makes you wonder who exactly is drawing the line.

    An attractive piece that makes you wonder who exactly is drawing the line.


    A textured cork body mounted on either 36 or 4 pencil-legs, which makes for two different configurations and drawing patterns, Furo can be dismantled for easy storage or to, literally, cut down on its artistic outbursts. Visually striking and mischievously inviting playfulness, Furo is an attractive piece that makes you wonder who exactly is drawing the line.



Fernando Brízio

Fernando Brízio graduated in Product Design (1996) from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon, where he lives and works. He has developed products for industry and small-scale handmade production, along with exhibitions, sets, interior and public spaces for companies and organizations such as Droog, Schréder, Torino World Design Capital, experimentadesign, Lisbon City Council, Il Coccio, Cor Unum, Fábrica Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, Galerie Kreo and choreographer Rui Horta. Fernando is a professor and the head of the Design Product Master's degree at ESAD Caldas da Rainha. He has taught at ECAL in Lausanne, at HfG in Karlsruhe, and has been a frequent lecturer and member of juries in Portugal as well as abroad. Exhibited and published internationally, his designs are included in the permanent collection of MUDE – Lisbon's Museum of Design and Fashion, and several private collections. Fernando Brízio's consistent and finely crafted body of work hinges on a challenging relationship between object and user and the creation of designs that invite different readings and uses.

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